Keaka Productions, LLC is a live theatrical production company founded by Brian Spector in 2014.  “Keaka” is Hawaiian for “theater”, and I conceived of this new company while on vacation in Maui.
Although much has changed in last year and half, there is one thing that has not and for which we will always yearn – the unique and transformative experience of watching a live performance presented by talented actors, dancers, and musicians, whether on Broadway, Off-Broadway or regional or local theater.

Now, with eight years of theater involvement, and with deep appreciation for the projects with which I have been fortunate to be associated and the wonderful people with whom I have worked, many of whom have become dear friends, I eagerly anticipate the renewed and new opportunities ahead, including the resumption of “Come From Away”, the opening of “Six” and the opening of “Suffs” next spring.

-- Brian Spector
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