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Some words of inspiration from my theater friends and colleagues:
“Theatre is one of the most powerful art forms in existence. When we experience theatre, we not only connect to our shared humanity through storytelling, but we begin breathing together, feeling together and inevitably healing together. Theatre is necessary and will continue as long as there are people left to breathe life into stories.”
Chilina Kennedy, Actor, Singer, Songwriter
“Theater elevates us, unites us and binds us; in the stories that describe us, and those we inhabit for the first time; eyes are opened, and hearts changed. It is the very essence of our common human bond. That’s why it’s so painful to be without it at times of struggle such as now. We look forward to being back telling new stories, featuring new voices, and pushing boundaries so that we can all grow together.”
Lorenzo Thione, Producer

“Theatre is culture’s oxygen. Without it, life is dry and dull.  

Theatre. It’s how we remember and reinforce our connectivity - our humanity.”

Astrid Van Wieren, Actor
“Theater is one of the noblest endeavors of mankind. In a world that so vehemently tries to cut us of from our humanity, theater is a balm for the soul. It makes the intangible tangible, the spiritual manifest. Other professions extend life, but theater gives life meaning and hope and joy, empathy and change. It makes the impossible possible. Without theater we would be less human and it should be celebrated as nothing less than miraculous.”
Ashley Griffin, Playwright, Actor
"Theater can be a healing. A sacred art form that moves us to be all that we are capable of being, and Beyond what we could ever Believe possible for ourselves and the world."
Rodney Hicks, Actor, Playwright
“Live theater is a unique artistic experience where the audience becomes a tight-knit community interacting and experiencing a story with performers who are interacting with each other and the audience.  Consequently, each performance is different as the energy from the interaction is different.  That is why people who are moved by a piece of theater will often return to see it more than once.  There is no other experience quite like it.”
Gayle Waxenberg, Co-Founder, Executive Director, NewYorkRepTheater
“Good theatre is magic; you feel like you're on stage with the performance.  But great theatre goes one step further--you feel like the stage...and the performance is happening inside you.”
Andy Nulman, Producer
“Theatre has really impacted my life. Both as an actor and songwriter, theater has provided me with a safe and critical space to tell human stories in the most honest and intimate way.”
Anthony Fedorov, Actor/Singer-Songwriter
"For me, theatre is a sacred place. Performing and supporting and being involved in many aspects of theatre - I love it all! It’s the only place we can gather and have a collective experience. Either as an audience member or as an artist onstage, we are in lock step in the journey we take once those lights go up and we share moments of humanity."
Jennifer Paz, Singer, Actor, Producer
“I remember watching my first Broadway show thinking, ‘This is the best thing I've ever seen in my life!’ I was transfixed and transported to a world beyond my own.  To now have the tools to transport audiences 8 times a week, is a gift from God. My dream came true. Theatre heals, inspires and changes lives and I'll do it as long as I have breath in my body.”
Q. Smith, Actor
"Now more than ever, it is vital that we find spaces where we can gather to tell stories that celebrate togetherness, community and resilience--something that theatre by its very nature celebrates. And more importantly, when we cannot find those spaces, it is up to us to create them from scratch and lift up the voices of the marginalized with the kind of passionate fervor that can only exist in the theatre."
Billy Recce, Songwriter, Lyricist
“Theatre is the lifeblood of humanity itself.  It is our mirror, our compass, and our safe haven in the storms of life.  It is where we learn to be human, after all.”
Jenn Colella, Actor
"The magic of theatre is bringing a group of people together at random and luring them into a story that has the power to change their thinking. Regardless of where they come from or their own personal experience, once the lights go down, a sense of togetherness and community washes over. And through that communal experience, our imaginations are ignited and we grow together." 
Ben Holtzman, Producer
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